Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Hopes and Prayers Answered {Slice of Life Story Challenge}

Outside conditions - It's gray.  It's gloomy.  It's raining. 

Inside conditions - Lights are on.  Pencils are sharpened.  Gray and gloom are hovering in the air.

I assigned seats.  I passed out the testing booklets.  I opened up to page one and guided my students through their first ever standardized test for two and a half hours.  The directions say we can close their booklets and take a break; I can't get the words out fast enough.  

Please stand quietly.  As I count to 10 reach for the sky.  As I count to 10 touch your toes.  As I count to 10 twist your hips.  Now 5 shoulder shrugs back.  Please sit back down.  

My mind wanders outside and I start hoping and at some point one might consider my thoughts to be prayers for the rain to stop.  I can see their bodies and minds get tired.  I can see them trying to comprehend the amount of verbal directions I keep reading and often repeating.  I can see them feeling successful.  I can see them feeling puzzled.  I can see them feeling hungry.  My mind wanders back outside and I continue my hopes and prayers for the rain to stop.

They were answered and we were the first grade level to get outside for lunch recess today.  As I took the class outside, we walked more slowly than usual.  I think we were all savoring the movement and smell of fresh air and rain.  I was grateful the rain stopped so my students could be free and playful.

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for organizing this Slice of Life Story Challenge.


  1. Such a real post!! Love (and hate) how the gray and gloom were both outside AND inside. Glad you got a break in the rain & kids could run free!

  2. I love the see-saw quality to this slice. You have used this craft in a few ways - with description: Inside and outside; with movement: Sitting and moving; and with weather rainy and not raining. This really put me in the moment and helped me feel the "tugs" on your heart and mind. Feeling proud and feeling badly. Wanting them to do well and wondering if they are too young. Having hopes and saying prayers. Thanks -- glad I circled back and found you this morning.