Thursday, March 16, 2017

Obvious Mistake {Slice of Life Story Challenge}

S says - "That was an obvious mistake!  It says right there one cent, right there."

S just completed correcting a formative assessment where he had to count coin collections and I was asking him if he knew what he missed when he did the problem the first time.  When trying to guide students with their own reflection I often ask these questions; 

Was that a simple mistake? 
Do you need to study this more?  

I never thought to ask if something was an obvious mistake.  I actually think this might come across a bit rude but for S today it was just right; actually perfect.  The back of two pennies were shown in one collection with the words ONE CENT along the bottom edge.  That truly was an obvious mistake, he thought they were nickels the first time and he couldn't believe he missed reading ONE CENT.  I wish I could share with you the voice, intonation, and seriousness S displayed as we had this quick two minute interaction.  It gave me the biggest smile, a chuckle, and warmed my soul.  

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for organizing this Slice of Life Story Challenge.


  1. I have a student I can imagine saying this. :)

  2. Isn't it true that sometimes only being in the minute can tell you what's best for that student. That's what makes teaching an art!

  3. How delightful that S was able to recognize and name his obvious mistake. Even the smallest interactions with our students can bring light to our days and warm our souls. Love your two questions that you use to prompt student reflection.

  4. Good for S to recognize where he made his error, next time he will think about what is obvious to help him with his answer.