Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Beautiful Happens {Slice of Life Story Challenge}

Three small groups take turns gathering on the carpet.  We gather in a semi-circle to foster conversation and everyone can see each others work.  We review the name and value of each coin.  I ask the group to show six cents.  The beautiful happens; kids teaching kids, different answers, and thinking justified.  A few use six pennies.  A few used a nickel and one penny.  We discuss each strategy.  Often six pennies were arranged by three and three.  Someone shares that's a double fact.  Students justify using a nickel based on its value of five.  We continue our work with other amounts of money.  

My heart is happy.  This moment brings joy to my day.  I get to talk with every student.  I get to observe and provide immediate feedback as needed to each student.  The task appears simple but offers layers of accessibility for different students.  It has an openness for student choice.  It offers a chance for students to express their thinking.  It's calm and informative.  There are no worksheets, no hurried pace, no student missed.  Truly a moment to enjoy.

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for hosting this Slice of Life Story Challenge.


  1. Thank you for sharing this snapshot of your day, and the joy that it brings you. What an honor for us to witness the miracle or learning right before our eyes. This was a beautiful reminder of what a blessed profession we are called to. Thanks!

  2. Hands-on learning is so good! I love it. They are building strong skills for later. Sounds like it was a good day to be a teacher.

  3. LOL, I just did the same lesson with my kinders last week. So accessible for all students.

    I love the days when I can look into every student's eyes and truly interact and teach instead of only manage or generalize.

  4. "When the joy happens" - that, my friend, is why we are educators! How lovely for you and your students.

  5. Those are the teaching moments to hold onto and savor! What success your students feel by having the freedom to explore and try out different combinations.