Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Her Heart {Slice of Life}

She wanders around the yard.  Sniffling and smelling what springs brings us.  I call her name and she doesn't turn her head.  I call it again and I think maybe my husband is right, she might be deaf.  I change the tone a smidge and she heads my way.  Then she gets a short burst of energy and sprints my way; happy and full of life.  Watching her I stop and think, "the heart is a funny thing."  Medically she has six different medications and the vet says she has heart failure.  However, her heart keeps her near us and in places where we sometimes trip over her.  Her heart keeps her walking one mile in the morning and another at night.  Her heart keeps filling ours for the time being.

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for foster this writing community.


  1. Such a beautiful quick snapshot -- I love how you described what you saw but angled your reader to what you felt. We were right there with you. Also loved that you posted early!!! Found you friend. Hope all is well.

  2. Aww, a sweet post about your dog. I like the idea of her smelling "spring". It's interesting to think about the physical and metaphorical heart of the ones that we love.

  3. **tears**

    What a touching tribute to a good old dog. May all the rest of her days be filled with love and sunshine! (love the selfie!)