Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Happy Dreamer

Happy Dreamer
Author and Illustrator Peter H Reynolds
review copy from public library

I know this book has been talked about a lot but I thought just in case someone didn't know about it, I would share it today.  When we want to embrace being ourselves, accepting differences, and trying out best then readers can count on Peter H Reynolds.  Happy Dreamer brings all those concepts together in one text.  As, I read the text I found myself thinking of different people I know.  I have a creative child and the text on these two pages should be framed in our house for me to remember to understand.

"I have so many dreams it can get messy.  CREATIVE CHAOS.

Cleaning up hides my treasurers.

If you make me, I will put my things way.  But then there is less ME to show."

The book begins with acknowledging we all have lots of things going on inside our head.  He describes different kinds of dreamers and when people can dream in the beginning.  Then my heart sank when this dreamer of a character feels boxed in and alone.  I don't want to box others in.  There's a two page spread that opens up to four pages with 48 different kinds of dreamers.  I love all the possibilities shared!  Are you a sunny dreamer, nature happy, or move happy dreamer?

I think this will be a great opening to discuss learning styles and preferences.  I also think, I might read it midway through my Parent Information Night as I talk about different learners and how parents will see different levels of work within our classroom.  

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