Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Pondering Participation {Slice of Life}

I saw Clare's post this morning - My Reasons for Joining The March Slice of Life Story Challenge and didn't take the time to read it because I knew I needed some time to ponder life when I read her thinking.  I started to leave her a comment and it brought some questions.  I decided to conclude those questions here, a slice of thinking.

Will it be professional or personal?
Is it the right season?
How can I make it the right season?
Will I gather ideas in a notebook?
What if my heart says to write privately?
Is it a way to capture daily goodness?
Can I stop and notice life?
Will they be my stories?
Will they be the stories of others?
Why will I write and go public for 31 days?

Then I decided to do some research on my own blog and discover it might be the season I try to write.  There's been five previous seasons.  

2012 - It's March 1st or as of March 3rd we are pretending it's March 1st, jumped in late.

2013 - I loved reading what others were doing, pondering and reflecting on.  I captured tidbits of my life and noticed more within my days and what was around me.  Who wouldn't want to find a reason to slow down and capture life?

2014 - My slice of life is going to welcome and encourage possibilities.

2015 - I didn't record any thinking why...

2016 -  I had the privilege to spend time with Amy Ludwig VanDerwater this past weekend of the The Poem Farm and was inspired to notice more, write about those observations, and collect writing.

2017 - I got the itch and got excited this past weekend when I was at a conference with my friends to jump on board.

2018 - I'm hesitant.  I've never abandoned writing for 31 days.  Maybe I just need to start and see where it goes.

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for creating this writing community.


  1. I was abe to relate to Clare's post and your questions speak to me too. We are all in different places as we start, and sometimes we find the answers as we write, sometimes we just get more questions. Let's see where the writing takes us this year.

  2. Go for it!!! Read Melanie's post on TWTBlog this morning. It's all good!! Look forward to seeing you tomorrow my late night posting friend!!

  3. Start and see where it takes you! I love your thoughtful reflections of life. BTW, I can't believe you never had a dust mop in your life. It captures things that seem to float away when sweeping. :-)

  4. Just jump in! Everything will work out, Mandy.