Monday, March 12, 2018

Confirming a 7 Year Old Decision {12 of 31 SOLSC}

I had goals to be an early morning slicer this year.  I thought I could write the night before and post in the morning.  I thought I could have a couple of slices prepped for a pinch and none of these things have happened.  Life is happening.  Tonight I walked away from a conversation and thought this is why I late night slice, sometimes.  

I was at Target to pick up a couple of things tonight and I ran into a former student's mom.  I asked right away what grade her son is in now.  She told me fifth grade.  She then went on to share he's running before school with a little group in his neighborhood.  He's playing lots of sports.  He has a book group and they are reading all the Haddix books.  He scored high on his state testing for social studies, he loves history.  She shared he is still sometimes wiggly and when his teachers bring it up she can ask him about trying medicine again and he "straightens" up.  She talked about his reflection that social media brings him down, he feels better outside with his friends.  Our conversation wandered a bit.  

Before we parted she told me he recently thanked her for holding him back in kindergarten.  He liked being taller than his peers.  He liked being more mature.  He liked being a leader.  She said something like, we (she and I) talked so much and I cried so much but we made the right decision.  Seeing her tonight confirmed; sometimes students need more time.  Sometimes we start school because of a date and that isn't just right.  I was so pleased to have run into her tonight.  It brightened my day.

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for not only bringing together a community of writers but inviting us to push the pencil daily and nudge our writerly life.


  1. I love the idea of slicing in the morning too...but it doesn't happen. Neither did my plan to have a few back up slices prepped!! I am not the only one! I enjoyed your story of this Target encounter. So often, we don't know the different we make until much later. Sounds like you made a difference here.

  2. I love hearing about former students and what they are up to!

  3. The repetition at the beginning and the end were perfect. We never know the impact of decisions unless you have a chance encounter like this. This had to put a spring in your step as you moved on through Target.

  4. Plan?? Who has a plan??? I caught up with all your slices this morning -- I know how to find you. This is so touching. Hard decisions pay off - you are lucky you could make that one. So many schools don't allow someone to repeat. The focus is too much on academic and not social emotional. Many times kids just need more time. Thanks for the reminder.