Thursday, March 15, 2018

Just Five Items, No Way {15 of 31 SOLSC}

I had an idea.  I hopped in my minivan and started driving with a specific shopping list.  As I got closer I wondered if I could just stick to my list.  I've NEVER dashed to this store for five items or less.  I pulled in the parking lot and notice it's not that busy in the middle the day.  I go pass through the huge revolving door and get giddy with excitement.  I feel pulled to go upstairs and explore one of my inspirational places but I don't.  I stay focused.  I turn to the left and sneak through a check out lane.  I begin wandering the going against the flow of traffic exiting.  I kept thinking, "I love midday shopping here; midweek."  I went to the plant section my specific shopping list destination.  

I checked off - 
tall plant
basket for plant in the pot
3 succulents in planters

I started to feel a pull to explore the whole store.  I began seeing things out of the corner of my eyes to look at closer.  I had a schedule and a time to be at a new destination.  I talked myself out of wandering and headed to checkout.  I put my smallest order ever on the conveyer belt.  I checked out and decided to add a return trip with fish, lingonberry juice, and some Swedish fish to my spring break plans because it's so fun to have an IKEA right here for quick trips and not so quick trips.

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for not only bringing together a community of writers but inviting us to push the pencil daily and nudge our writerly life.


  1. Wow, no idea you were writing about an IKEA shopping trip until I read Swedish fish! I'm impressed that you knew to go against the flow of traffic exiting to arrive at your destination. IKEA is definitely laid out to distract us. Enjoy your spring break shopping trip!

  2. I had no idea where you were shopping until you revealed the answer. I couldn't imagine where you could get a tall plant and Swedish fish. I am impressed that you were able to get to your destination departments so quickly. That store wears me out!