Thursday, March 1, 2018

Super Turbo Saves the Day!

Super Turbo Saves the Day!
Author Lee Kirby
Illustrator George O'Connor
Simon and Schuster, 2016
purchased The Book Loft

The front cover of Super Turbo Saves the Day peaked my interest; a super hero rodent?  Then when I realized it was a story about classroom pets at night when the students have gone home I knew I had to get it.  I have a few pets in the classroom and I think my students would find it funny to think about they do at night.  Turbo is a hamster in second grade.  The story begins with it a no school day for the students and Turbo is all alone.  He hears a sound that sends him exploring.  He discovers Leo a green lizard and together they find Angelina a guinea pig and the adventure continues until they have quite a group of classroom pet superheroes.  The class goldfish wants to escape and they come up with a clever plan.  They hear an awful sound and soon realize there is an invasion of something, not a class pet.  Super Turbo to the rescue!

I think this book is light hearted and easy for students to follow.  I think they will find it funny and giggle.  I think they will cheer for Super Turbo.  I like the layout for the readers in my room; larger font, picture support, and some graphic novel structures.  I'm interested in what's next for this gang of class pets. 


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