Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Game Words Offer Power {Slice of Life}

I walk up to the field with our dinner packed, a blanket, and our new seven month old black lab puppy.  The sun is out for a bit and I'm surprised the softball game is going to actually happen.  Several games were cancelled the first week and this is going to be our second game.  I start surveying the field looking for my girl and wondering if she's playing or not.  She's not on the field.  The teams flip who's at bat and I see her with a helmet on.  This will be her first up to bat for the season.  

It goes like this; ball, strike, strike, ball, foul ball, ball, strike.  She "battled" to the end and showed she was thoughtful.  I wish she had gotten on base and hope for another up to bat for her.  It comes again.  I always tune in a little bit more and listen in to the words of encouragement from the team and coaches when my girls have been up to bat.  Today is no exception and I'm thankful I didn't miss these words.  "I believe in you Bridgette."

The whole game stopped in that moment for me.  Those five words have a big message and were simple to say.  I wonder what those five words will bring for her this game?  I wonder if she heard those five words from her coach on the third baseline.  I hope she heard those lines.  We all need to hear those words.  She hit a single, a single, and double that could have been a triple.  Batting takes power.  Maybe those words inspired her power.

As I kept watching the game, I wondered what impact could those words have with the students in my classroom?  I think I need to say those words more often and maybe they will help foster power in my students.  We all need some daily power.

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for fostering this writing community.

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