Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Stitch Fix and Matching Readers to Books {Slice of Life}

Today I received my second Stitch Fix box.  I've heard successful stories from friends and finally decided this winter it might be fun while I waited for spring to arrive to give it a try.  Today I received five items.  I didn't like the dress.  The first top was okay.  The second top I did like very much.  The jeans were so soft but I had similar ones.  The denim jacket was soft and a bit trendy.  

I'm intrigued by the whole process.  I filled out a survey to help my stylist.  We've never met or talked in person and I wonder can they really get all five pieces right for me if we haven't talked in person.  I wonder if they can really get all five pieces right if they've never seen me in person.  There's a descent discount if you purchase all five items.  Both months I've just purchased one because I didn't love it all.  I signed up not knowing if I'd do a second month.  Earlier tonight I thought it would be my last.  After trying on different combinations I realized this might be a bit of a game.  I think I'd name it - Can my stylist get it right?

Then I realized it's a bit like matching readers to books.  I try to get to know my readers and luckily for me I do meet my students in person.  I do a reading survey.  I observe my students.  I confer with my students.  I think I select great books for them individually and in a guided reading group.  However, it doesn't always match up.  What I think is just right for them might not be what they feel is just right.  This is a little bit like my Stitch Fix selections so far.

I find this time of year so intriguing as a reading teacher in second grade.  The students are truly transitional readers.  They are not just reading the words in books. They surprise me constantly with a series or characters they fall in love with.  They surprise me when a genre becomes a focus. They have stronger reader identities which is helping them make independent reading selections that are just right for them.   That just right isn't always what I think is just right and maybe my Stitch Fix shopper is up against some of the same things.  Maybe I can only pick what's just right for me. 

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for creating this writing community.


  1. Oh, but you have a slight advantage over your Stitch Fix shopper in that you know your readers in person and can watch them in situ, but I like your comparisons. I'll bet your success rates are higher than 1 out of 5 too.

  2. What a great analogy! It is so true that we work so hard to suggest books, to consider personalities and what we think... and sometimes it doesn't work, but sometimes it's magical! **And I am dying to try Stitch Fix!

  3. What a thoughtful reflection! Book matchmaking is one of my favorite parts of my job, but it can be tricky, as you point out. Sometimes the book I thought was going to be a perfect match for a student doesn't connect with them for some reason.

  4. Interesting comparison of Stitch Fix and matching books to readers. I think you are right, you can only truly pick out what is right for you, but sometimes it's nice to have an alternate viewpoint on a book or even an outfit.

  5. I never could get past the survey -- too many questions - I am NOT that thoughtful about my dress!!! Love the analogy. Thanks for sharing.