Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Well Wishes {Slice of Life}

It's Saturday morning and I make a trip to Target.  My list is very focused and I set a goal to remain focused.  Remaining focused at Target for me means no aisle wandering and no checking in on my favorite sections.  This particular day I met my goal and head to the checkout in hopes of a speedy cashier.  I unload my basket; Vics vapor rub, Sudafed, Ricola cough drop one, Ricola cough drop two, and Cold-eeze.  I look up and realize my cashier's hands are tied with the customer in front of me and I have to wait longer than I had intended.  The customer behind me and I start to chit chat about wishing this store had self check out and probably the hold up in front of us.  Finally, my checkout takes place and as I'm getting ready to walk away the customer behind me says, "I hope someone feels better soon".  She caught me off guard.  I never noticed she was looking at my checkout items.  I turned around and said, "thanks - they are for me."

As I walked to my car that day I started feeling better.  A stranger had noticed someone wasn't feeling well and sent wishes to whoever that was.  It was nice to be noticed.  It was nice to hear unsolicited kind words.  It was nice to smile while feeling down right miserable.

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for fostering this writing community.


  1. I love that she noticed--the list that you shared had me wondering who was sick, for sure! This is a great slice to share, and I love the way you connect parts and feel better in the end.

  2. It's the little things that make our world a better place. How lucky you were to be the beneficiary of someone's kindness. Hope you're feeling better. It's no fun to have a cold so near the start of a school year.

  3. Oh those beginning of the year germs! Hope all the medications have done their job and you are back to feeling great. I like to peruse and infer from others grocery baskets too. A kind word goes a long way when you are feeling miserable.