Friday, October 5, 2018

What if? Could it? {Poetry Friday}

What if I could sit here all day?
Could it slow the hustle and bustle?

What if I could watch the grass grow?
Could it make time slow down?

What if I could feel the blue water?
Could it bring my shoulders down?

What if I could paint the clear blue sky?
Could it capture this space in time?

What if I could hold this moment in time?
Could it bring peace within?

I'm working my way through and studying Poems are Teachers How Studying Poetry Strengthen Writing in All Genres by Amy Ludwig Vanderwater.   Each week I will let you know the technique of the week I've played with and a thought or two about the process.  

"Dress-up is a form of what if, as is playing in a blanket fort.  For a child anything is possible.  For a child, the world is full of what if.  As writers, we work to come back to that place."

I was traveling last weekend through New York State and stopped at my favorite rest stop to just see this view.  I had a couple of more hours to travel and didn't want to leave.  I had the first line of this poem right then.  The week got busy and I returned to this moment with a photo and pondered some more.  I love the quote above from Amy about working to find that playful state of what if.  I'm going to revisit this strategy and ponder being a bit more playful.

Thank you Tabatha at The Opposite of Indifference for hosting Poetry Friday.


  1. I can see why you didn't want to leave, Mandy. I love that "What if I could feel the blue water?/Could it bring my shoulders down?" Playing "What if?" can lead us many places, if only we might stop and try. Good for you for writing. Happy Weekend!

  2. "What If" is a great notion to play with! That's a beautiful view -- I can see why you would want to make time slow down.

  3. So fun to see that you are still working your way through Amy's book!

    I could spend some time in that spot. I need to get my shoulders to lower...

  4. What a beautiful spot. I'm glad you took time to savor it and to share it with your poem.