Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Hello Summer and the Transition, {Slice of Life}

Hello Summer,

You've started off just right and in full swing.  I came home Friday night and packed my busy bag for an hour and fifteen minute car ride for a day of three softball games.  In that bag, I packed; my kindle with a book to finish, my knitting project, a craft magazine, walking shoes, an early reader chapter book, bullet journal and pens, walking shoes, and socks.  We arrived at the ballpark and I began my summer softball rhythm.  During warm ups, I walk anywhere from one to two miles.  I return for some reading time and once the game starts I have to put away my reading.  It's hard to read and watch the game.  I brought out my knitting - a simple dishcloth pattern that goes back and forth with a couple of stitch variations.  I watch.  I cheer.  I might question something.  I soak up the sun and sitting.  We had three games and this routine becomes a pattern for the day.  

I finished my book.  I finished off two dishcloths and started a third one.  I read my magazine and felt crafty inspired.  I connected with people and might have gotten a small sunburn.  I logged 20,000 steps which is a small miracle - softball for me is a lot of sitting.  It's all good.  I discovered a day like this snaps the hello summer transition phase.  It thrust me into a different schedule.  It forced me to do different things and preplan those different things.  It reminded me to sit and allow for space to be in the moment.  

I find the transition to summer can be tricky and take a few days to let go of that go, go, go pace of life.  I find taking a vacation right away or now even a day trip can speed up the process and let my body and mind rest more.  I hope you enjoy your transition to summer - it's here or it's coming.  

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for fostering this writing community.  


  1. While the news thinks Summer, I am still in spring mode, Mandy. Enjoy your transition because I did enjoy hearing how you will be spending quality time enjoying what you love.

  2. Excellent advice on transitioning into summer. Much truth in that it takes a few days to decompress from the daily grind - might as well channel that energy into something celebratory! This line particularly draws me: "It reminded me to sit and allow for space to be in the moment." Here's to a joyous and different-kind-of-productive summer!

  3. A day away at the ball park is a perfect transition into the summer pace. You certainly accomplished a lot during this day!

  4. You've captured that transition so perfectly in your slice. Going from the go go go go go pace to the extra breaths of summertime living is not easy - thank you for shedding a little light! It's coming...

  5. Being a baseball mom ... I totally relate! I am not in summer mode yet so I am a bit jealous. Looking forward to slowing down soon. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. I enjoyed reading your post and thinking about beginning that transition to summer. You are so right that it takes a few days to transition into summer routines and starting early sounds like a wonderful way to get that transition in place!