Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Her Haircut Leads to Much More.... {Slice of Life}

She started pacing.  She called her oldest sister for advice and probably reassurance.  She had a friend come over to go with her for support.   They left early to get a drink at Starbucks without caffeine.  I met them at our one and only favorite hairdresser.  She walked in taking deep breaths and shaking her arms, "I've got this."  She shows nervousness, anxiousness, uncertainty, and then she says - "Let's do this."  Our one and only favorite hairdresser makes a ponytail and measures the length.  My daughter grabs her friend's hand and snip.  Ten inches are cut for a donation.  Two more inches are cut while shaping and redesigning.  Joy ends our session.

As I watched all of this transpire, I thought about those feelings of nervousness, anxiousness, and uncertainty.  Feelings that can really be prevelant as a new school year starts for everyone.  What I noticed was my girl riding the wave of these emotions and reaching out for support from her friend - verbally and physically.  Let's remember to pause and take in what we feel and reach out for help.  

Thank you Two Writing Teachers 
for fostering this writing community called A Slice of Life.


  1. Love how the haircut experience led to these wise words: "Let's remember to pause and take in what we feel and reach out for help." I like those words - take in and reach out.

  2. So often we are wrapped up in our own uncertainty, and forget there are helping hands out there. A beautiful Slice!