Thursday, October 3, 2019

Be A Maker by Katey Howes

Be A Maker by Katey Howes is the perfect book to show possibilities for being a maker.  I often think we think about creative people we picture artist and grand pieces of work.  This new picture book shows readers the day to day things that might seem ordinary that are actually making moments.      Some ideas included in the book include natural play with toys a child might have, drawing a blueprint or a map, making a snack, having a lemonade stand, and a neighborhood playground.  As you might imagine the main character starts by making things on her own and then she includes a friend.  From their lemonade stand the community becomes involved to build a new playground together.  Making doesn't have to be done in isolation.  I love this idea.  Illustrations provide many details if we take the time to stop and notice.  Elizabeth Vukotic was clever and inserted the names of strong mentors in book titles and posters on the walls; F. Kahlo, da Vinci, Mae Jemison, and a chalkboard sketch of Einstein.  

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