Thursday, October 17, 2019

How to Walk an Ant by Cindy Derby

In How to Walk an Ant we meet Amartyah an expert walker.  An expert walker is someone who walks things and doesn't walk perfectly themselves.  She doesn't walk what you would normally assume one might walk; she walks ants.  She shares with readers her nine step guide for walking ants.    Each step is named, has a tip, and concludes with a rule.  Do you know you should politely introduce yourself to an ant?  I don't know anyone who does this.  I certainly don't.  Here's a tip for teaching ants how to walk with you; "reward the ant with one lick of candy cane every 7 centimeters.  The book concludes with two appendixes; how o conduct a funeral and then an ant anatomy and glossary. This a great mentor text for how to writing!  This is Cindy Derby's first picture book.  She's a puppeteer first and I can't wait to see and hope she writes more!

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