Monday, March 2, 2020

Rain? Indoor Recess? New Idea! {2 of 31 Slice of Life}

We are bundled and ready to head outside for a much needed fifteen minute recess.  It looks like the rain stopped and there was no building wide email saying we were inside, it actually said out as of 10:50am and now it's 11:15am.  I'm feeling relieved for my students.  We just finished our fourth day of normed reference testing, the Terra Nova and in second grade I read every question; 50 to be exact and they need a break from sitting and listening.

I open my door and I'm greeted by both recess teachers saying it just started to rain.  I ponder this message, grab my own coat, and out we walk to our Outdoor Education Center.  A pavilion with one full wall of cement block, a roof, and three open sides. For fifteen minutes I watch a cluster of three boys chit chatting, a pair of two girls playing a hand jive game of Avocado, a game of tag in the same area of a game like Red Light Green Light.  These two running games looked like one at times and I was in awe they all seemed to understand there were two games going on in the same space.  

I watched.  I observed.  I can give some feedback to a family wondering about friendships.  I also watched students enjoy each other and come up with ideas that required nothing extra.  I don't mind the cold or a little wet and I'm glad I thought outside the box so we all got some fresh air and down time.  

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for fostering this writing community and offering this challenge.


  1. We all need fresh air, especially on testing days. Good for you that you were able to make it work

  2. Good for you! You did the right thing and made a lot of kiddos happy today.

  3. Oh so glad you got outside with your kiddos. You describe the scene so carefully. I could imagine it well.

  4. Fresh air and a chance to stretch your legs after being cooped up for testing or otherwise is essential. Good move, and I'm jeaous about your protected outdoor space!