Monday, June 15, 2020

you matter by Christian Robinson {Mental Wellness}

you matter by Christian Robinson is a beautiful new picture book for our younger readers and quite honestly I found comfort in reading this text too.  Our lives are filled with things; small and big, going first and going last, doing things and not doing things.  Sometimes things are out of reach and sometimes we fall down.  We may feel sad, lost, or alone.  The message for readers in this book is no matter what happens or how you feel, you matter.  This two word phrase is repeated throughout the text.  I imagine this is a book that I will read slowly and our community will savor the illustrations.  They are done in acrylic paints then pieced together in a collage format.  Warm colors against a white background carefully enhance the text.  For the text, "If you fall down" a shooting star is falling against the night sky headed to Earth.  Sometimes the falling down feels really big and it's okay to have big feelings; you matter.

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