Monday, January 10, 2022

It's Monday, What are you reading? {#IMWAYR}

I thought about not joining in, my personal reading was slow this week and realized slow reading is reading and progress is progress.


This week I am reading a few things.

Live in Grace - Walk in Love a 365 Day Journey by Bob Goff has become part of my morning routine. I'm finding a life nugget to hold on to as I start my day. 

Here is one from this week I thought others might need to hear..."the discomfort brought by fear and uncertainty in our lives can become blessings."

Building a Life Worth Living A Memoir by Marsha M Linehan continues to be fascinating. I enjoy reading about her path and studies early in her career.

I finished the audio version of Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds. The author note at the end really helped me think about the reality of life teens in jails may be facing.

My next audio book, I'm starting tomorrow is What Happened to You? by Oprah Winfrey and Bruce D Perry.

Thank you Jen at Teach Mentor Texts for co-hosting this event with Kellee and Ricki from Unleashing Readers.


  1. If Jason Reynolds writes it, I will read it. I am waiting for Stuntboy, in the Meantime to become available. My library has it on order.

  2. I definitely agree, Mandy—reading is reading, even if you haven't made tons of progress, and it's wonderful to see what you've been up to! What Happened to You? sounds really powerful, and I agree that Long Way Down is such a powerful read—I may not have read the author's note (or maybe my copy didn't have one—or something), so I may need to go and do that. Thanks so much for the wonderful post!

  3. It's nice to hear that you're enjoying these books, Mandy. And, Long Way Down shows so much emotion and reality thinking for us readers to "know". Have a good week ahead!