Sunday, August 5, 2012

Join Us Friday! August 10 for 10 Picture Book Event

I just got back yesterday from a writing retreat for three days and then I came home to pack us up for a week on Keuka Lake in New York.  My hometown, Penn Yan, is at one end of this beautiful little piece of heaven in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate NY.  

I knew it was August and when I was mapping out my week I realized it is going to end with a blog event no one should miss, if I say so myself.  Cathy and I would love to have you join us for August 10 for 10 Picture Book event where we all share our top ten favorite picture books.  These might be all time favorites you can't live without.  It might be ten new favorites that are a must have for the new school year.   I haven't gone to my room to set it up yet.  I haven't looked at my list from last year.  I my haven't thought much about top 10 but I know there's a book I mentioned earlier this year that could make my list.  I better do some blog rereading.  I share with you I haven't done much work on my list for this Friday to show you it's still possible to join us.  This doesn't have to be really complicated.  We'd love to know the book title, author and why is always the most interesting part to read and helpful.  If you just have time for a book title and author that's great.  Book covers for a visual are also very helpful.  We appreciate learning and the support we provide each other as we start the school year.  We hope you can join us how you feel comfortable.

On Friday, please leave a comment on either of our blogs Enjoy and Embrace Learning or Reflect and Refine:  Building a Learning Community and we will put together a blog jog to help everyone's list come together in one special place.  

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  1. Here's my top ten picture books!

    Thanks @DebraRosenquist