Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Happy Earth Day, everyone! I was recently at a local conference and carefully bought just a few books not certain about what next year would bring me. When I saw this book, I just loved the message and ownership I felt just from the title. I stopped and thought, what can I do to help my world? If I stopped to reflect on this question I knew I could help children stop and reflect.

The text of the story is written in the first person; I remember, I try, I always, I will, I use, I remind, and I enjoy are a few examples. I thought the phrasing was guiding, provoked thinking, and enpowered readers to take action. After each phrase I just mentioned, there is an example of something that can be done easily by anyone to improve our world.

The illustrations really caught my attention and the book format. The colors chosen are warm, subtle and bright on each page and were done with arylic. There is a pattern with every other page being a different width. These pages reminded me of a lift the flap board book but in a picture book format. For example, "I try" a big sink with running water and the right side cut right at the curved edge of the sink for you to turn and read..."to turn off the tap when I brush my teeth."

I can't wait to read it today at school and home. This would be a great read at any grade level. The illustrations and format would intrigue our oldest readers and of course our younger ones. I also think the "shaped" pages will inspire our writers. The text is not complicated but the message and theme is very important.

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