Thursday, April 23, 2009 website

Today I spent a few minutes at the website after receiving an email with news and updated links to their website. If you aren't familiar with this website it's a project here in Ohio that promotes standards-based best practices in math, science, and reading. It's mission is to provide high quality and effective resources. Each resource is reviewed by educators before going on their website and rated either a best or promising practice. It's so easy to google a word or an idea and find a lot of ideas on the internet and then spend time reading to decide if it's something you could use partially or as a whole. I find comfort in knowing peers, fellow teachers have thought about the quality of an idea before it is posted. We are all busy and a little help is nice along the way!

During my quick visit today, I discovered a new project for and that would be Literacy K-5. I instantly loved the areas I found on the homepage. Questions from the Classroom led me to questions and answers about fluency written by teachers currently in the classroom with resources to help me think further. The next section I found was about Reading Strategies with teacher information and ideas for teaching different comprehension strategies. This area has a plan for more strategies to be added. Primary teachers will love the K-2 Bookshelf. Here you can find children's literature reviews with the intent to help teachers find books to use as starting points for discussions and instruction. There is an area called Resource Collections with subsections that provide the reader with lessons, resources, assessments, video demonstrations, and professional reading. Then there are some articles and lessons to help teachers Develop Writers. I think this summer I will spend time looking for ideas to help with my transition to kindergarten.

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