Friday, July 31, 2009

Experienced readers still need guidance

Experienced readers still need guidance, was something I was reminded of last week when N and I took a trip to our favorite public library. I have been blessed to have a child of my own who enjoys reading. I have been blessed that my friends are reading great books and I can reserve them for her at the library to read. However, we had a list of books on reserve that had a wait list so in the mean time I took her to the library to find books in the teen area for our weekend trip to my parent's home. Since I have been reserving books reviewed by friends and some titles and authors she discovered in school this year, actually going in the library and looking on her own was something she hasn't done in quite some time. I was caught off guard when she wouldn't go back there on her own while I went to the children's area. She was very hesitant. She stayed with me and then we went back and I showed her the new releases. I started browsing on my own and she did too, selecting several titles.

As I thought about working with experienced readers, if they haven't read this summer or used a library they will need some gentle guidance as the school starts to help grow their reading identities and get back on track.

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