Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Very Smart Pea and the Princess-To-Be

by Mini Grey was a great new book I discovered at the public library this week. The Very Smart Pea and the Princess-To-Be uses the traditional story of the princess and a pea with a twist. It's told from the pea's point of view. Who would of thought of the story beginning with the pea being born in the Palace Garden? Who would of thought of the pea having brothers and sisters? Who would of thought of the pea being saved from a bowl of peas for dinner, for the queen?

Well, Mimi Grey did and with such personification for the pea. Of course the prince is getting older and the queen feels he needs to find a wife. She uses her saved pea amongst twenty mattresses to help find a proper princess. Many come and sleep very peacefully through the night and wake with manners and only kind words. Until, the pea recognizes the sleeping soul one night and decides to take action. After three hours of whispering in the sleeping souls ear, "there is something large and round and very uncomfortable in the bed under you" a suitable princess is discovered the next morning. You'll have to just read this story to find out who the sleeping soul was, the person was perfect and a great twist to the traditional tale we all know.

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