Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kindle 2!

Today, my husband gave me a Kindle2 as an early anniversary present. Our 18th anniversary is in two weeks but he wanted me to have more time to play with it. I am still completely surprised. We had lots going on today but I am planning on buying a fun book as my first read tonight and trying it out. These are some thoughts I've had today as I think about owning and using this technology. I'm generally slow to warm with new technology and it's nice to have S around to giving me some needed nudges.

-The print and screen look great, while I read the welcome letter!
-Will this change how I use the public library?
-Will I carry it in my purse or bag all the time?
-I think I need a cover.
-I need to go cover shopping.
-Will I purchase professional books?
-Are there books for hobbies out there to get?
-My girls are very interested...will I let them use it?
-This had great potential for trees and our environment.
-I need to explore and read about using it.
-How will this change my reading life?

Off to have some fun!

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  1. Good for you!!! THis is exciting and I am looking forward to hear your thoughts to the questions you've posed!! Happy Anniversary!