Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pam Allyn - Ning - Storytelling

I'm sure you have experienced being on your computer and you end up places and discover new things. Yesterday I was traveling along and found this great video clip about storytelling in kindergarten done by Pam Allyn. It's a short clip and a must see for teachers of young children and thinking about the importance of storytelling as a beginning stage of writing. I loved these words she says in her video, marinate and heart of writing. When I watched the video I was instantly recalling my reading of Talking, Drawing, and Writing which I shared here. I'm really thinking my school year will start with a unit on storytelling. I'm going to ponder having parents come and share stories with us.

I will be learning and exploring more about Ning. This is where I found the video clip and my first visit to a Ning site.


  1. Hi Mandy,

    I know a great storyteller from OSU. Kevin Cordi is one of the co-directors of the Columbus Area Writing Project. He came to our school last year and worked with each grade level and then did a whole school assembly. Check him out at He has a great project called The StoryBox project too, which you can access from his website. He would be wonderful to work with your kiddos.

  2. Julie,
    Thanks for the great information, this sounds exciting.