Wednesday, December 2, 2009

That is Nature

After our author visit with Jeanette Canyon or with any author I always hope the children come out of the experience inspired and interested in literacy. I had one student who went home and wrote an entire book, just like Jeanette Canyon. He didn't have polymer clay on hand but had some great playdough to use as his media. When he showed me his work, I just beamed inside and out, our work at school combined with the author visit had made an impact on a child's life. He was inspired and interested in literacy. His phrasing didn't resemble Jeanette Canyon's but I felt his written words was a collection of things we had read this school year.

The book was saved in a pdf. format and you can find it here at This is my first time attaching a pdf. format and using I would recommend selecting full screen and then view 3x3, you get to see the whole book at one time.



  1. Mandy,

    Thanks for sharing Max's book with everyone! I loved it! I just had a powerful discussion with a 4th grade class about using mentor texts to help them structure their writing. I hope it is ok with Max because I am hoping to share it with the class tomorrow. He was inspired by Jeanette Canyon and now he has inspired me!

  2. That would be wonderful and Max and I would be honored to have his work shared with others.