Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hurry! Hurry!

I've been thinking about books that make a great shared reading and that I can move into a buddy reading box during reading workshop. I've also been thinking about modeling and showing students how to use picture clues and teaching our early readers one to one monitoring. I think Hurry! Hurry! by Eve Bunting may help all these things.

What grabbed my attention first was the simplistic text on each page, one word repeated twice. The lead for this story also grabbed my attention and wanted me to read more, "HURRY! HURRY! the rooster is crowing. I think with just one word to remember it might be helpful for the early readers to then locate and find the text repeated and think about monitoring. Each page in the story has another farm animal, usually a parent and baby pair appearing to go somewhere. This story also uses sight words to help our early readers, for example go and yes. As the story continues there is an urgency within the illustrations and the text. As you see all the animals gather in the barn you read, "I'm here! I'm here!"

I'm thinking about using this story whole group but also breaking the traditional format of guided reading with each student having their own copy and using this beautiful picture book to help nudge some of my beginning readers.

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