Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh, Theodore! {Poetry Friday}

Oh, Theodore! Guinea Pig Poems by Susan Katz was a book I stumbled upon while searching for new nonfiction books about guinea pigs. I have a guinea pig in my classroom and B has one in her bedroom. B is also working on a nonfiction writing piece at school about guinea pigs and just finished writing poetry. Could this book any more perfect for B and her Mom?! The poem topics and the order they are placed in this book was done with intention and purpose. The poems actually take you on a journey, a journey of guinea pig ownership. Anyone who has brought home a new pet can relate. It all begins with a poem titled Pet Selection. Here are a few titles that follow Name, Danger, Not Hungry, Roommates, Spring Stroll, Search, Gone, Fur Piece, and Forever. There's a story right there with those few titles. The poems in this text take everyday events and thoughts to write poetry. I think this is the perfect book for showing students how to take an everyday event and share it through poetry. I think it's a great model for taking something you know a lot about and sharing about it through poetry. Here's one of my favorites.

New Home

Theodore loves

the grocery bag.

He travels inside it

across the floor,

a turtle with

a brown paper shell.
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  1. I love the pictures in this book.

    Laura Evans
    all things poetry

  2. I need this book! This looks great. I also need to check out the Hands on Standards. Great finds!