Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hands - On Standards Grades PreK - K

Hands - On Standards Grades PreK-K by Learning Resources has been one of my favorite math resources to use this year. Manipulatives are critical for our students to work with and every lesson in this book uses manipulatives. Each lesson begins with problem for the children to try and solve using the manipulatives. Students are working in pairs or small groups to collaborate on their work. There are points to help you talk about the problem the students tried today. There are more ideas suggested to help you teach the concept provided in the original problem. This is a great nonfiction teaching resources with side bars covering objectives, skills, and NCTM expectations. Another text feature that is very helpful for each lesson is a collection of three photographs of children working with the manipulatives related to the problem, showing the reader what you might see while your own children are working. The final piece I've loved about this resource is the standarized practice suggestion. This suggestion is essentially a formative assessment you can create to check in with each child using paper and pencil with just one simple problem. We have to remember it's more important for conceptual development to use manipulatives and create mathematics then complete a bunch of worksheets. This resource is written for all grade levels PreK - 5, check it out for your own planning.

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