Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Posy by Linda Newbery jumped into my hands the other weekend. I think it's a great mentor text for students own writing about their pets. Two word phrases guide the reader through the Posy's adventures for a day. Here's an example, "whisker wiper, crayon swiper." As I was reading, I kept thinking about the antics my English Chocolate Lab, Annie gets into and thought could I play around with them in just two word phrases. So here's a try from something she did last week - milkshake licker, trash picker. This might be a fun way to observe and write about a class pet. I know my kindergartners will love the rhyming aspect and want to share all the pairs they hear while we reread the text together. I loved the strokes used to create Posy the cat, they make her look very realistic. The cream background with various shades of brown make Posy delightful to follow through her day.

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