Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Too Loud Lily

Too Loud Lily by Sofie Laguna is humorous.  Lily is a loud hippopotamus.   She's loud at home and school.  Even her friends get annoyed with her.  Miss Loopiola is a new teacher for music and drama.  She is the first person to encourage Lily to be loud.  She praised Lily for being loud.  She showed Lily the right time and place to be loud.  Her music class and school play were just right places for loudness.  As Lily is to go on stage for the big production she gets nervous and finds comfort from Miss Loopiola.  At the end of the play, when everyone was clapping for Lily she felt successful.  It helped us think about volume during our day and just right moments to be Too Loud Lily.

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  1. Sounds perfect for my son. Or any child in Pre-K to First grade!