Sunday, October 3, 2010

Diner Cookbook

My fifth grade daughter, A has been reading Diner Cookbook.  Diner Cookbook is published by Publications International, Ltd. (2010) as her nonfiction reading choice during class.  This past weekend she brought it home to try a couple of recipes in it.  I have to be honest, I wasn't that excited based on the title.  I or should I say we don't eat fast food very much.  I like a diner atmosphere for breakfast and then I hope they have egg beaters on the menu but I survive if they don't.  I was pleasantly surprised by the content and recipes found in Diner Cookbook.  This morning for breakfast A made us all chocolate chip pancakes.  They were quite yummy!  The book is actually in a board book format with thick heavy pages.  Each recipe is on the left hand side of a two page spread with a full photo on the right hand side.  The photos are mouth watering.  The majority of the recipes are 6 - 8 no more than 10 ingredients.  The directions are not complicated and ones children can follow, with merely an average of 3 steps.  The index lets you  know where to find recipes for breakfast (all day, that would be diner style), soups, burgers and more, daily specials and pies/sweets.  The recipes had many I thought were worth trying and on the healthy side.  I might just borrow this book next to make Grilled Veggie Sandwiches or Roasted Chicken and Vegetables.  A has added strawberries and ice cream to my grocery list to make a Strawberry Shake.  She's already planning on doubling the recipe, it only makes two.  I'm so glad A was motivated to bring home her cookbook and follow through on making something for all of us.  She applied her reading well.

Please note the photo and link I found are for a soft cover spiral bound version, not the board book version.

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