Tuesday, November 16, 2010

for just ONE DAY

for just ONE DAY by Laura Leuck is another book I can use to help talk about predictions in a little bit different way.  This book follows a little girl as she pretends to dress up as many things.  The use of descriptive language combined with the illustrations allows the reader to predict each page what the girl will be. 

Here's an example that starts the book,
"For just one day, I'd like to be
a busy, buzzing bumble (turn the page)
The flowers would belong to me,
if I could be a bumblebee.

I know my students will enjoy predicting each page and identifying rhyming words.  I think a few pages will be a challenge due to the rhyme and what easily makes sense to my students.  For example, "a big banana tree" with the illustration makes sense to be a monkey but the rhyme makes it chimpanzee.  This could stretch some children.  After all the different things this little girl wants to be in just one day she discovers or shares she wants to be someone special, me.

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