Monday, January 31, 2011

Come Out and Play, Little Mouse

I happened to look at my school email Friday night and saw our librarian was offering books to classrooms that hadn't been checked out once in five years.  I got excited about free books for the classroom and wondered what I might find.  I struck gold (it was worth going in on a Sunday), twenty six books for our classroom library and I'm surprised the titles I gathered weren't checked out.  Come Out and Play, Little Mouse by Robert Kraus is one I can't wait to share with my students.  The book follows the cat's request to "Come out and play, little mouse" each day of a week.  Monday through Friday little mouse responds by saying he can't play.  He provides a reason which involves doing different chores or things with his mother or father but ends his reply requesting the cat asks tomorrow.  Saturday comes and little mouse's baby sibling offers to answer the cat's request to play.  He brainstorms lots of games they can play but Cat only wants to play cat and mouse chase.  It's comforting to find out baby sibling is saved from the cat and you will have to read it to see the clever way this happens. 

I see using this book for several things in our room.  It's a great book to talk about days of the week and the sequence of time.  The book can be read as a shared reading in two parts.  The book can be used to see the sight word come in print and for locating it.  The book can discuss character interactions and choices.  I do love the ending and I think it has a message for adults or maybe just for me.  Sunday the mice can't play because they are playing with their family.  They worked with their family all week and Sunday is a day to play.  I hope your Sunday had some play built in.


  1. What a great freebie! I love this book. The other books in the series can be used as well for shared reading, discussion of patterned text, discussion of family bonds, & to locate and reinforce those sight words. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks Mary B, I didn't know there were more in the series. I'll have to go discover.

  3. Mandy~
    I picked this book up from the library the other night. As I was browsing the book I just knew the book was familiar to me in someway but I just could not put my finger on how. When my 17 year old daughter came by she said "Hey, isn't that the same author or illustrator as Parakeets and Peach Pies?" I stopped for a minute to remember the book…the memories flooded in! Parakeets and Peach Pies was a five-cent find at a garage sale, the ripped pages and crayon marks were free! This book was a favorite, we spent many hours reading and rereading this book! Thanks for the memories! I am definitely digging this book out of our basement!


  4. What a lovely little gift, memories. I'll have to find this title now too. Thanks for sharing.