Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Friends by Helme Heine is the story of three charming characters; Johnny Mouse, Charlie Rooster, and fat Percy (a pig).  This delightful story of friendship has several key points in helping young children think about friendship. 
-"Good friends always stick together."
-"Good friends always decide things together."
-"Good friends always stick together."

After spending a wonderful day together of biking, games of hide-and-seek, sailing, and attempts of finding food, they decide to spend the night together.  However, finding a spot for all three friends that would work becomes a problem.  The ending message is, "Sometimes good friends can't be together."  I've had a couple of things come up in one of  my classes about friendships in the last week and I've found myself thinking about spending time on the topic of friendship more.  This was another great find from the not circulated in five years in the library, free books to your classrooms offer. 

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  1. Thanks Mandy! I have not browsed the "discarded" books in a while! Guess I should stop by and browse again!