Monday, January 24, 2011

Minilessons for Math Practice

Minilessons for Math Practice, Grades K-2 by Rusty Bresser and Caren Holtzman is a resource from the Math Solutions group.  This book was written with the goal of providing students with practice that takes little or no preparation.  After an introduction to the activity it can be repeated with ease and quickness.  The activities gathered in resources also focus on discussion and questioning.  Important things to do and use while teaching mathematics.  I did an activity today for the first time and am really excited about it.

Fit the Facts can be used K-5.  I modeled today with my own Fit the Facts.  I wrote the numbers 3, 4, and 18 on the board in a horizontal line.  Then I wrote my first sentence, Mrs. Robek has ______students.  The students instantly knew 18 was a number to make my fact fit.  Then I wrote, Mrs. Robek has ______pets at home.  This was a puzzle for some, so I wrote the sentence, Mrs. Robek has _______ daughters.  They instantly knew 3 fit this fact which made 4 fit the fact about my pets at home.  They were really excited to be number detectives and thinkers.  I did this as part of my morning message instead of a yes or no question.

To help you be succesful and quick, I did send home a little "homework" to gather fit facts for each child.  I felt these were great for kindergarteners to think about for number facts within their own lives.

I am _________ years old.

I live at _____________ _________________________________ (street, drive, circle, court).

I have ______ brothers and ______ sisters.

I have ______ pets.

My favorite number is _________.

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  1. Thanks for putting up this article. I am currently finishing up my last year as an undergrad in Elementary Education and thought this would be great in formulating a good lesson plan.

    I have a blog geared towards passing praxis 1 and 2. If you have any suggestions or comments please give some feed back.

    Thank you again for great advice.