Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Raccoon Tune

Raccoon Tune by Nancy Shaw helps the reader imagine what life for a raccoon is like during a June night.  Right away the reader discovers raccoons like to come out when it's not too dark or not too bright.  I think some of my animal and science lovers would be using the word nocturnal before I turned this page.  As we read about the raccoons creeping, foraging, crashing, and finally opening a trash can to only find it full of trout we discover the reader is immersed in rhyme.  The language is so fun to read and after the first read I know my students will enjoy filling in the blank when a rhyming pattern is figured out.  The illustrations are done in varying shades of blue and grey helping to create the setting and mood for night time.  These were done with oil paint by Howard Fine.

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