Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blue Chameleon

I was thrilled to find another new book by Emily Gravett this weekend and I know my students will be too.  She is a favorite author right now during our book look time each day.  One of my little girls on T/Th walks around all morning with Apple Orange Pear Bear and reads it loud and clear.  I think Blue Chameleon will also provide her the confidence and success she needs as an emerging reader. 

I found myself right away feeling empathy for Blue Chameleon, the first thing he says in his speech bubble is, "I'm lonely."  As we know chameleons do, he changes color and arranges his body to try and fit in.  He tries to make friends with a banana, a cockatoo, a snail, a boot, a sock, a ball, a fish, a grasshopper, a rock, and a page with no success.  He actually gives up.  As we know, when we least expect it something good can happen and Blue Chameleon is no longer feeling blue.  The speech bubbles continue on each page using a variety of ways to say hello.  As Emily Gravett is known for in her writing style, one word phrases per page tell this story making it accessible and enjoyable for young readers.

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