Friday, May 6, 2011

Look See, look at me!

Look See, look at me! by Leonie Norrington celebrates childhood and growth.  This book is a great mentor text to help young children reflect on their own growth.  The child in this book shares all the wonderful things they can do now that they are three.  The text is repetitive and uses the sight word, can making the text easily accessible to emerging readers.  I love the the things Leonie Norrington carefully selected to show growth.  They encourage movement and we know how much young children love to move.  How could they not move as they read, "I can run.  I can jump. I can hop and wiggle."  The book displays daily life of an Aboriginal community, making this wonderful contribution to a multicultural collection.  I am wondering, what will my kindergarten students chose to include within their own, Look See, look at me!

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