Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reflecting on Discovery

Today, what I like most about teaching is my own learning.  Things I learn in pursuit of teaching my students can be quite stimulating and rewarding.  Something I've been missing in my own teaching life is the pure enjoyment of discovery and watching my students' pure enjoyment of discovery.  I can't wait for Monday and again on Tuesday as 19 times 2 sets of friends see our learning in action.  We now have 4 baby chicks.  I"ve learned white light can make it hard for them to sleep and see.  My husband bought a red heat lightbulb today and lamp for us.  I had to dip their beak in the water and food to show them where it was and they are now eating and drinking on their own.  Baby chicks can drown, it's not uncommon.  They are active but need sleep and can quickly find it.  They make an adorable chirping noise.  Their feet are huge with toenails!  I think I better go to sleep so I'm a little prepared for a day of discovery with my young friends.  This is going to be great!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ribbit Rabbit

Ribbit Rabbit by Candace Ryan is a book meant for readers to have fun with language.  Right away readers find out Frog and Bunny are best friends.  They do many things best friends do.  They go swimming, they fight monsters together and more but they don't always get along.  Right there, I think many students could have a connection.  We read about big and little things that come between them and how they solve their disputes.  As the story progresses, Frog and Bunny "speak" to the reader.  This is where children will love to play with words -

"Ribbit Rabbit.
Zip It, Zap It.
Ribbit Rabbit.
Wibbit Wabbit."

I found myself almost in a tongue twister and I visualize my room filled with giggles and enjoyment.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Red Hen

I was thrilled to recently discover another father/daughter collaboration for Ed and Rebecca Emberley.  They have created a bright and bold retelling of The Red Hen.  I find I can't resist their collage, big eyed characters.  The story starts with Red Hen wanting to make a cake and the recipe's name is quite humorous, Simply Splendid Cake.  If you are familiar with The Red Hen stories then you know nothing is done simply for the Red Hen or done with cooperation from friends.  The familiar, repetitive pattern encourages readers to join in making this a great shared reading.  I love to bake at home with my girls and bake/cook in the classroom.  This book has a recipe for Simply Splendid Cake at the end of it.  I better shop for the ingredients, I know B will want to make it at home. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Look See, look at me!

Look See, look at me! by Leonie Norrington celebrates childhood and growth.  This book is a great mentor text to help young children reflect on their own growth.  The child in this book shares all the wonderful things they can do now that they are three.  The text is repetitive and uses the sight word, can making the text easily accessible to emerging readers.  I love the the things Leonie Norrington carefully selected to show growth.  They encourage movement and we know how much young children love to move.  How could they not move as they read, "I can run.  I can jump. I can hop and wiggle."  The book displays daily life of an Aboriginal community, making this wonderful contribution to a multicultural collection.  I am wondering, what will my kindergarten students chose to include within their own, Look See, look at me!