Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Soon...

I just got back from New Hampshire and have lots to blog about.  Just need a bit more time to get my feet planted in the home summer schedule and get my ordering done for school next year.  I never leave for summer with things undone but the minivan and family were leaving with or without me.  Who could miss ten days with this view all day long?  I hope your summer is going well.


  1. Beautiful! It had to be hard to get back into the minivan to come back to Ohio.

  2. Cathy Mere suggested that I ask you for a recommendation. I am looking for resources on creating a Math Workshop in my classroom. I have been doing Readers' and Writers' Workshop for several years. I want to stretch the format to Math. We use Saxon, but I want to restructure for the kind of learning I see in Reading and Writing. What books shall I read???