Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vacation Reading - Cesar's Way

Life has been busy and in an attempt to find balance and telling myself it's okay to let something go, my blogging and sharing slipped.  However, it never left my mind so I have lots to share with you and must start slow.  When packing for vacation, I decided to pack books that I had in my To Be Read pile and nothing for school. 

Before I can tell you about a book I read you have to meet this guy.  He joined our family the Tuesday after Memorial Day.  We weren't looking for a new dog or a second dog, but he found us.  Back in 2007, after two years of not having a dog our family put in an application at Pilot Dog, Inc. right here in downtown Columbus, Ohio.  It is a seeing eye dog training facility and has dogs that need rescuing.  I honestly thought for some reason we weren't a good match for this organization since we never heard from them.  It just takes almost 4 years to get a call.  He is purely delightful!  My 8 year old can walk him in a heel through the neighborhood.  He fetches and is loved by all!  I am so glad my husband pushed me a bit to get him.

In keeping all things fair, I have to share with you our first rescue who we adore.  She had some service dog training for different reasons and was too friendly to continue.  She is everyone's best friend.  She brings us joy and crazy stories about her antics with food.  She is probably more of your typical house pet and the reason I purchased Cesar's Way by Cesar Millan 3 years ago.  However, I just got to reading this book and wish I read earlier.  Yes, Cesar Millan is the Dog Whisperer on National Geographic TV Channel.

First, you  must know this book is not a training manual.  It's a book about understanding your dog starting with their pack instinct.  Cesar believes in routine, I believe in routines!  I'm not sure I have followed through as religiously with my dogs as they have aged and/or as more daughters were born.  Excercise is essential according to Cesar and the first step in a routine for dogs.  Followed by discipline and affection.  He talks a lot about a calm-assertiveness with dogs and becoming their pack leader.  Some of these things were familiar but not to the point of understanding through the psychology of a dog.  The book began with learning about Cesar's journey to becoming the Dog Whisperer and I felt as if I was reading a biography.  Connecting with a character to help understand his thinking.  Just loved that!  I immediately implemented some changes and have ideas to continue with for our journey with two dogs.


  1. Mandy,

    I really connected with this post. We have a Golden Retriever that we adopted about a year ago from Colorado Retriever Rescue. She is the most loving dog even though her history is not the best. She also loves routines and exercise and totally sees my husband as the leader of the pack. I am adding Cesar's Way to my TBR pile because I think I will enjoy it and maybe learn something new, too.

  2. Mandy~
    So nice to see you back! Summer is a wonderful gift of time! Enjoy!