Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Let's Make Rabbits

Let's Make Rabbits was a to me book created by Leo Lionni.  I was intrigued by the front cover when one rabbit is created with collage and another one is outlined in pencil.  The book begins with a pair of scissors and a pencil asking each other what they should do today.  The reader will notice a collection of warm subtle tones of various papers on the right side of the page.  The pencil drew a rabbit.  The scissors create a rabbit.  This makes a great mentor text for collage.  In a one page illustration the reader can see the various parts that were cut out to make a rabbit.  The two rabbits are best friends and get hungry.  The pencil and scissors each create a carrot.  The rabbits rest.  I do enjoy the various positions the rabbits are in to give students more ideas for their own creating.  Naturally the rabbits are hungry again.  They discover a real carrot and know it's real because it has a shadow.  They eat it.  Can you predict what happens next?

I love creating in different medias.  I love to show students how to create.  I think it's important for us to try and offer various materials to show and demonstrate learning.   


  1. Mandy,
    There you go adding titles to my wishlist again. I think this book might make a great mentor text for the beginning days of writer's workshop.


  2. Mandy, I agree with Cathy. :). I can see using this book at the beginning of the year as we build community and talk about how our differences can compliment each other.