Monday, July 25, 2011

Little One Step - Join Us

I hope you have seen Cathy's post - Let's Chat About Conferring with Patrick Allen.  I'm really looking forward to chatting with him and other participants and anyone who wants to join about conferring to conclude our Book Blog Chat.  It feels like we've come full circle via Twitter to communicate beyond reading a book alone.  We've all been inspired by Patrick and  his gentle, soothing writing.  He had this tweet over the weekend,  "#cyberpd Humbled.  All your blogs have inpsired me!  An honor to be a colleague among great thinkers!"  I think we will have some great conversations tonight all within 140 characters per post!

Little One Step is a picture book Patrick recommends for introducing the gradual release model to students.  In a very quick summary the Duck family gets lost in the woods.  Little One just doesn't think he can take another step.  His legs are just too wobbly.  With guidance and encouragement from his brothers he continues throught the woods, one step at a time.  In kindergarten we really need to take one step at a time.  I have found using a mentor text for many things to be very helpful in our journey of school life and learning.  I can't wait to share this (new to me) book with my new friends! 

Patrick writes this - "Little One Step can lead to a group discussion of the gradual release model.  It is a perfect jumping -off point for a discussion of the model we use for our learning throughout the year.  It is the perfect opportunity to talk about the talk that occurred between Little One Step and his brothers;  the perfect juxtapostion (thank you Kindle for an easy definition) for the important role conferring plays in reader's workshop."

While reading this book and thinking about gradual release I found myself thinking about Conferring:  The Keystone to Reader's Workshop and how this text has been a form of gradual release for my own learning.  I'm glad I have Little One Step to remind me I can take things one step at a time this year.

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  1. Mandy~
    I can always count on you to post great books! I love the way you have already put your hands on Patricks reccomended title! I made note of the titles too and plan to use them as we begin out adventure in developing community and staminia this year!
    I hope my little ones are as excited as I am about all our upcoming adventures!
    Thanks Mandy!