Monday, January 2, 2012

OLW - My word means...

As my friend Cathy quickly pointed out in yesterday's comments CHANGE is a BIG word.  Yes it is and I was worried about how big change seems.  In my initial thinking I didn't want change to suggest the intention of those huge changes  life; new house, car, remodeling projects that redesign a house, baby, divorce, new career and so on.  I'm taking a class, One Little Word at Big Picture Scrapbooking where Ali Edwards guides participants with monthly emails which helps us keep our word present during the year with reflection, photography, and writing.  

This month we are spending time getting to know our word.  Change can be a noun.  As a noun it means something made different, alteration.  I inferred this could be big, small or somewhere in the middle.  I really did like these synonyms I found using a thesaurus;  adjustment, break, refinement, novelty, switch, turn, shift, transformation, revision, variety, conversion, diversification, difference and variation.  

While the definition I found for change is a noun I'm also treating it like a verb to help guide positive changes.  The words I collected from the thesaurus confirmed any of my changes can have varying levels.  I purposefully chose the word break for guidance in saying no or not doing something for a while.  Thanks for joining my journey.

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  1. Mandy~
    I love how reflective one word can be and how it touches so many parts of your life and in turn touching the lives of others.
    The thesaurus, my best friend!
    Refinement, shift, revision and diversification stand out to me as qualities you posses and practice daily!

    Can't wait to read about your "change" journey.