Monday, March 5, 2012

Not one, or two but three! - SOLS 5

It's Girl Scout cookie time.  Yesterday A picked up her order.  She sorted them into nice neat little stacks labeled with post it notes.  Just out of the general path of life on our dining room table.  Our evening went on as normal and so did our morning getting out the door for everyone.  I even had bacon, waffles and strawberries to start their day.  It's lovely Terra Nova testing week for two of the three girls and OGT for my oldest.  Yes, the waffles were homemade but made yesterday in anticipation for today.  I taught all day and at the end of the day got more Girl Scout cookies by picking up B's order.  

As I walked in with more cases of cookies I was greeted by A, in the dining room, with a somewhat gloom face.  I knew instantly what was wrong.  Our dog Annie ate a box of cookies today.  However, I learned quickly not just one or two boxes but THREE boxes of Girl Scout cookies.  She was smart, they came from three different orders. 

We have another dog we rescued this past spring name Cooper.  So, maybe Annie had help but he would not have taken it off the table.  She would in a heartbeat!  She earned crate free days when Cooper came because he didn't need a crate but we have to have everything put up and away.  Where will Annie be tomorrow?  You got it, IN HER CRATE.  We have to save the cookies and deliver them to happy customers.


  1. Mandy,
    Your post made me laugh! Annie's sister lives at my house- this morning she ate an entire bundt cake off the counter while I was in the shower. And like your Annie, Star has an accomplice in crime. Jack would never dream up that stuff on his own however, but he is all to happy to help Star out after she makes her acquisitions!

  2. Haha! This is so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I bet the crate-days are well worth it in Annie-world. :)

  4. Oh no! Your story brought back some good memories of our little dog. In fact, I now have my idea for tomorrow's post. I hope you don't have too many bad effects from the cookie frenzy! :) Good luck delivering all those cookies (more memories there!)


  5. Mandy,
    Funny I'm just getting caught up reading and I see you had your own Girl Scout cookie saga. I knew dogs would eat homework, but Girl Scout cookies? Oh my.