Sunday, March 11, 2012

Slice 2012 - 11 of 31 How to Over Come some Bumps

How to over come some bumps.
-Go to bed early!
-Wake up early and enjoy an early morning walk with two dogs.
-Come back and make a scone for breakfast.
-Appreciate the clean kitchen from yesterdays work.
-Make a list of meals for the week.
-Inspect the fridge for grocery needs and make a list.
-Go to the grocery store, early.
-Tackle and revamp 2 daughter's closets.
-Go to lacrosse practice and watch, not play.
-Go for a run, a little bumpy it wasn't as easy as anticipated.
-Drop off recycling and feel good about making a difference.
-In general, keep conversations simple.
-Play Multiplication tic-tac-toe.
-Read a chapter in the Borrowers.
-Head to bed early.

I have been over extending my waking hours and I know how important sleep is.  It's easier to wake up in the morning.  Patience is easier with more sleep.  Patience is a good word to pay attention to as a parent and a teacher.  Sleep helps stamina for busy days ahead.  One more week of school and then spring break, yea.


  1. You've got the right idea - sleep!!! Good luck and best wishes for a bump-free week. (Our spring break is this week and I have 'caught up' on mine.)

  2. I am all for the going to bed early part. I like your list...mine looks similar. Unfortunately, mine is missing "Get into the school bag and complete work." Hence, getting up early tomorrow will be important. :)

  3. I am laughing because I got back today from a conference and between the different time zones and daylight savings, lost 4 hours of a day that started after not quite 3 hours of sleep. :)
    The good news is that I am now all about catching up on some sleep so I can gain some of those benefits you wrote about.

  4. What a productive weekend you had! I thought I was doing well when I got lesson plans done, did some shopping, and blogged. Like you, I can't wait until next week when the biggest decision I will make each day is what book to read. :)