Monday, March 12, 2012

Slice 2012 - 12 of 31 Kindergarten Slice

Each day I wait to see what I might be able to find to write more about from that day.  Truly a slice, a moment to capture.  Something from the here and now, in the moment of daily living.  Today it comes from my classroom.  I think because I didn't expect so many little things to happen and make it an odd day.

As the students were entering the room today busily doing their morning routine and settling in, one of my boys burst into tears and I couldn't understand what was concerning this small friend.  I finally figured it he wanted to keep his Star Wars library book for more time.  He wasn't finished reading it.  That was an easy fix.  About the same time, one of my little girls was trying to make a morning explore time choice and was very determined to work with blocks and was equally determined to follow the rules about how many friends could be there which put her at a standstill.  Even with coaching her feet were firmly planted and luckily some friends made some changes and her feet could bend.  

We were sharing some work we did over the weekend on Kidblog and I asked a student to share his story because honestly I couldn't pronounce the ninja names and such.  It was all spelled correctly, he is a proficient  reader and I thought it would highlight some strengths and a shift in his work lately.  He really struggled and started crying, worried he couldn't read it.  His head went on my shoulder and a whisper voice with a quivering lip.  Somehow, I made it through this melt down.

At lunch I sent a student to the nurse for a daily routine he does and he threw up in the clinic.  Yea, not in my room but yuck to have any student get sick and go home.

During independent reading, we've had a guiding policy/routine we don't get up unless it's an emergency for the bathroom.  A small friend was trying to wait to use the bathroom, trying to hold it, trying to follow the rule and couldn't wait anymore.  Had an accident and didn't tell me til reading time was over.  How do you balance that with then the child across the room who now has a distraction from reading each day needing a trip to the bathroom.  It's near the end of the time and I say no only to diligently watch and see the student never goes to use the bathroom.

In general; tired eyes, slow clean ups, chatty transitions were my sweet sweet children today.  Maybe it's the time change my third grader is very in-tune with the time it should be.  We had lots of extra time on February 29th making up for the hour lost.  Maybe we chalk it up to a Monday.  Maybe we chalk it up to anticipation for our first field trip on Wed.  Either way, the day is done.  Another will come.


  1. Your final line is a keeper to remember on the tough days. Some days are just like this. I hope today is better.

  2. Hope Tuesday was a 'calmer' day ... and have fun on the field trip tomorrow!

  3. Another will come and hoping today was better! The time change had me in a bit of rut too. Have fun on your field trip Wed!